Line Tightness Testing

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Leak rate of 0.1 gph with PD = 99.99% and PFA = 0.34%.

Leak Threshold-
0.05 gph.
A pipeline system should not be declared tight if the test result indicates a loss that equals or exceeds this threshold.
Vendor claims this equipment can detect leaks at .01 gph, and trains operators to declare leaks at .01 gph.

Gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, fuel oil #4.

System tests fiberglass and steel pipelines.
Tests are conducted at 150% operating pressure.
Mechanical line leak detectors shall be removed or manually isolated from the pipeline for duration of test, or check valve in pump must be manually closed if testing is to be conducted with mechanical line leak detector in place.

Pipeline Capacity
Maximum of 129 gallons.

Waiting Time
None between delivery and testing.
None between dispensing and testing.

Test Period

Minimum of 30 minute (two 15 minute readings) test when the detected leak does not exceed 0.005 gph, or minimum of 1 hour (four 15 minute readings) test when the detected leak is more than 0.005 gph for the first 30 minutes.

When testing multiple lines and leak rates do not exceed 0.005 gph, the following test times are utilized:

  • Number of Lines
  • Test Times
  • Number of Consecutive Readings


1 – 30 Minutes
2 – 30 Minutes
Six (6) 5 Minutes
Three (3) 10 Minutes
3-30 Minutes
Two (2) 15 Minutes

Test data are acquired and recorded manually.

System must be checked annually and, if necessary, calibrated in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

The manufacturer does not support test results if the technician does not hold a current Petro-Tite certification when the test is performed.

Re-certification is required by the manufacturer every 2 years.

Third party evaluation was not conducted utilizing a test manifold.

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